52 Surprising Facts About Roblox That Will Blow Your Mind!

Roblox is an online gaming platform that has captured the imagination of millions of users since its debut in 2004. I was a mere 2 years during then, and I joined it much later. Till then, It boasts a wide array of games, user-created content, and a vibrant community of creators. 

What some people may not know is that there’s much more to the game than meets the eye. From the amount of money users have spent since its launch to the number of games that can be played, Roblox is filled with fascinating facts and figures. To give you a better insight into this dynamic game platform, here I have 52 amazing facts about Roblox that may surprise even the most dedicated players. Enjoy! 

1. Founder

The one thing which is foremost to know is that David Baszucki founded Roblox along with Erik Cassel in 2004.

2. The Initial name of the game

The game might now be called Roblox, but initially, the name of the game was ‘Dynablocks.’ The name was changed because it was hard initially for the users to use it.

3. Robux with the founder

The founder of Roblox, who is none other than David Baszucki, has Robux valued at $186,906,027.

4. 2D physics simulator

At a certain point, I was curious about what must have triggered the founder to create such a game; the answer is that he developed the game from a 2D physics simulator.

5. ‘Oof’

The sound of ‘oof’ is actually not an oof, which is the sound’ uuuuuh.’ You can see a file named ‘uuuuuh.wav.’ in the soundtrack folders of Roblox.

6. Robux

Robux is the money or currency in the Roblox world which can be used to purchase items in the Roblox world. Robux is also called Roblox points.

7. Tix or Tx

Tix or tx was also a currency used in Roblox along with Robux. They are also called Tickets. The 4 tickets equal 1 Robux.

8. Banning ‘Minecraft’

Every one of us might be aware of the banned words in Roblox, one of which is ‘Minecraft.’ Some users were banned for using the word ‘Minecraft.’

9. Best friends feature

Most of us would be aware of this feature, as this one makes us get close to one with whom we are comfortable in the game. This feature helps to create our circle of friends on the platform.

10. Limiting the ‘friends’ feature

Many of us weren’t prepared for Roblox to limit the “friends” option because we had all previously played with a large number of pals, something that is now impossible because of this feature.

11. Rewards on login

Initially, Roblox offered 10 tix for users on daily login. Still, the captcha rule was implemented since users took advantage of the feature by creating multiple accounts for earning 10 tix on daily logins.

12. Game builders

Roblox is an online platform where users can create their world virtually, of course, which is one of the main reasons I play the games.

13. Pandemic effects

Though the pandemic effects had a negative impact all around the world, it seems to hold a positive impact in the Roblox world, as users stayed online more than normal rate and hosted parties on the platform.

14. Total games played

Roblox contains more than 40 million games on the platform. No wonder we love it, provided with enormous choices to play with all kinds of genres and all types of games.

15. Total downloads

Roblox downloads reached 383 million, which is no easy task given the company’s initial stage, developing from scratch and gradually gaining users despite the criticism faced by the company.

16. Game creators

Roblox allows players to create games and accessories and trade them with other players on the platform. Game creators earn Robux by selling the items they have created.

17. Skater hat

The accessory item purple indy, also known as skater hat, is the fastest selling item in Roblox as it was always sold within 5 seconds.

18. T-shirt hack

The T-shirt of Nate 2800 has been gossiped around for its crystal effects on the players’ avatars. The players thought it was a glitch for a long time until it was cleared by information being hacked by the young boy who created this shirt.

19. Prohibited trade

The trade-in Roblox was once prohibited as you all might know how many scams were there in the name of trade between players. So initially, in Roblox, trade was forbidden to prevent further scams.

20. Snake eye

Snake eye is an accessory that gets more interesting when R6, as you all could have heard about this avatar; the mouth of the avatar disappears when this avatar activates the snake eye accessory.

21. Book-Begg

Book-begg, a hat accessory that takes the appearance of a bag, wasn’t a glitch. Book-begg also applies all over the avatar’s face when being activated.

22. Leopard fedora hat

The leopard fedora hat was a limited edition accessory hat. The hat looked like a glitch and was owned only by nine players.

23. Roblox epic face

The users used the roblox epic face, and the total number of players with the the roblox epic face counted up to Eighteen thousand eight hundred and sixteen.

24. Red-banded top hat

The red-banded top hat is an accessory that is a giveaway for players who spot bugs on Roblox.

25. Hamburger

You all might be wondering what connection hamburger have with Roblox. Well, the menu bar of Roblox is called Hamburger.

26. Mike’s paintball

Mike’s paintball is a shooting game that reached 1Million visits in Roblox. 

27. Group feature

The group feature was one that helped players to experience group activities such as playing the game as groups or creating games using the same assets and sharing profits. The group feature helps you to create a group with players you like, or you can also use this feature with your friends.

28. Super badge collectors

In Roblox, there is a certain set of players who set their path in the game for the sole purpose of collecting badges. They are often referred to as super-badge collectors. 


COPPA is an abbreviation of the Children’s Online Policy Protection Act which was adopted in Roblox to protect players of minor age safe from unwanted content online.

30. Bloxy awards

Bloxy awards is an annual event hosted in Roblox every year, also known as bloxys. There was also another virtual event apart from Bloxy, also known as Bloxcon.

31. Avatar creation

Roblox is a game platform that allows user to create their own avatar and make changes, customizing depending on their needs.

32. Kleos aphthiton

Kleos aphthiton is a rarest hat accessory in the Roblox. This hat is offered only to 4 players who are top players of the Grand melee tournament conducted in Roblox. 

33. Dancing parrots

If you are still wondering what dancing parrots are, here is a fun fact. Dancing parrot is a game where the players are accustomed to watching the parrots singing and dancing. 

34. Multiple platforms access

Roblox was initially a small company with a small platform, but as Roblox reached new heights, it also developed its technology and launched the game on multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox, Android, and windows 10.

35. Adopt me

Adopt me is a game in Roblox where the player adopts pets. It is also one of the most popular games played in Roblox.

36. Builders club

Builders club was created by players more specifically for builders and had more advantages of options than normal players. Sadly, they are not available now and have been replaced with the premium membership. 

37. Multiple languages

We all face language barriers when it is not our mother tongue. Roblox has overcome this obstacle by supporting multiple languages inside the game to allow all users to play without communication barriers.

38. Own-coding language 

Roblox, apart from allowing players to customize their avatars, also allows players to build and create along with their own language coding called Lua, which Roblox players use.

39. Parents notice

Roblox, apart from allowing players their freedom to create and build, also has options for minor-age children whose games can be supervised by parents. Now I can see why most parents don’t prohibit their children dorm playing Roblox. 

40. Safety measures

Along with parents’ supervision, there is also a setting in which an algorithm can be set that blocks swearwords, texts, and chats that appear inappropriate. It also has an algorithm to check the player’s attire.

41. Inappropriate games

Apart from taking such drastic measures, there is also a chance that young players can be negatively influenced by games that are inappropriate in way to play, especially for young children. These types of games are created by players and not by Roblox.

42. Testing features

Roblox has a studio where the players can test their created content, like avatar’s functioning and features. It allows the users to detect the defect in their created content. 

43. Earnings from reporting 

Unlike many online platforms, there is a special opportunity where players can report bugs in Roblox and get paid in Robux for reporting. This kind of feature can create positive outcomes on the online platform.

44. Soviet ushanka

Soviet ushanka is a Russian hat accessory, which is one of the limited editions. The hat is also sold at a faster rate after the remarkable wearer of the hat, username nerfmodder, died.

45. Flooring

Flooring is one of the simple things transformed after updates; at first, the floor looked similar to lego, and after the update, the floor was of square pieces rather than round pieces.

46. Guest mode

Initially, there was a feature of guest mode where the player could access without an account. This feature helped many other developers to take ideas from Roblux, so these ideas were removed.

47. Rainbow face

The rainbow face is an accessory in Roblox that extends a rainbow from the mouth of an avatar. Rainbow face is also known as Rainbow barf face.

48. Admin 

The first player of Roblox is the admin. Admin is also the first registered user id in Roblox.

49. Game of Prison

The game of prison, as its name goes, it is a game of imprisonment where the players can try to break out of prison.

50. Roblox studio

Roblox studio is a studio where players can create their own avatars and games. The created items can be released on the platform for other players to purchase.

51. Badge and robux trade

In roblox, you can create 5 badges within 24 hours time, but when you need more badges, you can get them by paying 100 robux for each badge.

52. Roblox badges

Badge collectors solely collect Roblox badges, and they collect only badges that serve the main purpose of the game. In Roblox, only four people have over thirty thousand badges.

All in all, I conclude that these are only a few of the Roblox events; there are many facts yet to be unraveled. They may be either positive or negative. Despite the safety measure provided by Roblox, it is better to keep an eye on the kind of games they take part in. It is better to keep children away from chats and texts that involve inappropriate words and content. On positive influence, they can learn coding through the game, create their own games and earn business as well.

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