Top 10 Best Games on Roblox That You Can’t Miss!

As a gaming fan, I have played various games, but few can compare to the excitement and creativity in Roblox. Here is a list of some of the best Roblox games that players all around the world are raving about. To be honest, I have not played all the games in Roblox, and I think it is impossible for someone. 

There are almost 40 million games. But I have tried all the hyped games, and these are the ones that have delivered exceptional gameplay and amazing graphics. Although I am less into graphics, I give the most priority to the story and the engaging factor in the game.

Without further ado, let’s dive into action:

1. Adopt Me!

Adopt Me

The super-popular Adopt Me! is a game about caregiving and nurturing. In this RPG, players can don the roles of an adoptive parent or an adoptive child. Although it requires several in-game transactions, one can unlock and play with many pets. I have personally spent a lot of time in this game. 

The pets are divided into several different categories – they can be newborns, juniors, pre-teens, teens, post-teens, and full-grown. Pets can have a variety of abilities and tricks. They also have their own Neon versions, which are created by combining four pets of the same type.

The popularity of this game is so high that it has its own merchandise and game modes, and a possibility of a new game outside the Roblox is around the corner. They have weekly updates and also have events that are for a particular period only. It has been able to achieve a high list of concurrent players – about 1.6 million people played the game at the same time. 

2. Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X

This is another game in which players can own and take care of pets. This game gives a much bigger range of 1240 (This data increase with time) different pets to choose from. You can make a collection of cute pets, and together you can have a lot of fun – adventuring, money collecting, and hatching new pets.

It has had more than 5.9 billion visits and 5 million favorites. It is a very relaxing game, and pets can also be traded in it. Your pets can be upgraded over time, and with the help of codes, you can get a range of other freebies too. This game is the third version of the Pet Simulator series.

3. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

As a classic Roblox game, Murder Mystery 2 is a crime investigation game that requires you to solve a murder or crime mystery. In this game, you have the choice to end up as an innocent, a sheriff, or a murderer. 

The game involves finding out who the murderer is. While the murderer is out on the prowl for more victims, the victims must survive and escape from the murderer. Only a sheriff can defeat a murderer. The innocents can help the sheriff in the investigation.

This game is considered a part of the horror genre. Up to ten players can be innocent. The three groups are all bound by their own rules of the game. It is a game gaining traction due to the rise of games with social deduction. It requires short rounds, and there are a few add-ons that are paid. The private server can be set up at 10 Robux each.

4. Welcome To Bloxburg

Welcome To Bloxburg

As a Sims-inspired Town & City game, this game falls into the life simulation genre on Roblox. It requires pre-purchase at the cost of 25 Robux, excluding the costs of multiple add-ons you can get later in the game.

In this game, the character lives a life, living a job, having a social life, or enjoying adventures. The build mode of this game allows greater engagement with the players and is one of its most notable features. Enjoy this game if you are a big fan of life simulation games.

5. Royale High

Royale High

Royale High is a fantasy roleplaying game, despite being classified as an adventure game on Roblox. In this game, you play as a superhuman high school student from an aristocratic family. The player must find a balance between socializing with others while at the same time studying to level up her character. Better grades result in more in-game currency, and you can use this currency to purchase items for your character. There is a substantial and interesting game environment to explore outside of the school.

A frequent feature of the game is the addition of seasonal events and upgrades. For 100 Robux or more, Royale High also enables you to set up a private server.

6. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits

In this game, one can experience enhanced powers by eating a particular fruit. Powers vary from fruit to fruit and use the powers obtained to slay enemies and progress in the game. It is a game based on the anime series One Piece. 

One can also do sword fighting if they do not want supernatural abilities. One can become either a skilled swordsman or gain powers through fruits. Together with your friends, you can either be a pirate or a marine and protect your world. Play this game and see how powerful you can get and save your world.

7. MeepCity


MeepCity is a Town&City game like several other games. It has roleplay features. It is played similarly to Welcome to Bloxburg. This game requires greater socialization and team play. 

This game involves features that are also present in the other games of Roblox. For instance, it has a series of pets that can be upgraded. There is a building system with the ability to craft homes, and you can even earn money in-game for cosmetic products.

This game has had more than 14.8 billion place visits, and until January 2023, it was the most visited Roblox Game of all time until Adopt Me! took over that title. 

8. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven can be played as a solo player, and if you want to make friends, this game is the one for you. It is a roleplay simulation game. Players can drive upscale vehicles. They also get to live a lavish life with big houses. Servers allow a maximum of 18 players to play.

What fascinates me is that it leads with over 25.7 billion overall visits. This game is super popular. It is similar to Second Life, and in the real world, one can compare it to living in the Metaverse. A private Brookhaven RP Server costs about 100 Robux. 

9. Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell

This game can be seen as a rage platformer. It can be played in single-player mode apart from being played with friends. In this game, players will have to die again and again while trying to reach the top level.

It is defined as an obby, an obstacle game with randomly generated levels and a complete lack of checkpoints. The goal is to reach the top of the titular tower while competing against a maximum of 20 players. There is also a private server which costs 250 Robux.

10. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is a combat game like several others. It has several game modes, such as Tournament Mode and Story Mode. With the help of minions, you can fight characters around the map. Destroying bigger enemies requires greater teamwork with your friends, making it a fun multiplayer game.

This game comes with several upgrades and more excellent damage abilities. There are several seasons in this game. It has less graphic excellence, yet it is still a game that offers an amazing experience. One can also access various codes for this game to use multiple modes and updates.


What is the maximum number of players allowed in Brookhaven RP?

The servers in Brookhaven RP allow a maximum of 18 players to play.

How much does a private server for Tower of Hell cost?

A private Tower of Hell server costs 250 Robux.

Is Anime Fighting Simulator a multiplayer game?

Yes, Anime Fighting Simulator is a multiplayer game. It requires greater teamwork with your friends to destroy bigger enemies, making it a fun multiplayer game.

Is MeepCity similar to Welcome to Bloxburg?

Yes, MeepCity is a Town&City game like Welcome to Bloxburg. It has roleplay features which are also present in other Roblox games.

Are there any upgrades available in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Yes, Anime Fighting Simulator comes with several upgrades and more excellent damage abilities that one can access via various codes for this game.

How many visits does Brookhaven RP have?

Brookhaven RP has had more than 25.7 billion overall.

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