How Many Moderators Are There In Roblox? (Updated)

Do you know Roblox has over 43 million daily active users worldwide? The reason for such a huge user base is that Roblox pays serious attention to keeping the users satisfied. Therefore, Roblox has very strict and elaborate terms and conditions that ensure that users are safe from scammers, hackers, and harmful content. I found it one of the most secure platforms for handling such a huge community of gamers and developers.

The task of ensuring that any harmful content and individual is out of reach of the user can be very challenging due to the extensive nature of the work. Moderators, therefore, perform this task. Thus, the moderators have a very significant role to play in the day-to-day functioning of Roblox. So, keep reading this article to know about moderation and how many moderators there are in Roblox.

Key Takeaways

  1. Roblox has millions of daily active users and pays serious attention to keeping them safe by employing moderators with strict terms and conditions.
  2. Moderators have a significant role in ensuring users’ safety from scammers, hackers, and malicious content.

Who Are Moderators, And What Do They Do?

Moderators are the staff members of Roblox who are entrusted with the responsibility to keep anything present on the website safe and appropriate for all Roblox users. The moderators see that the terms and conditions of the platform are maintained and have the authority to block any post or account that violates those terms and conditions.

Users in Roblox can report any harmful or inappropriate content that they see on the platform. Also, Roblox employs a specialized AI that detects irregularities on the platform and submits reports to the moderators. The moderators review both types of reports and decide what action should be taken against the offenders. 

The moderators decide whether a game is safe and appropriate to be published in Roblox. They also decide whether custom-made clothing can be uploaded to Roblox. In addition to these responsibilities, the moderators regularly watch in-game messages, purchases, and any other activity on the platform. 

How Many Moderators Are There In Roblox?

The majority of the users in Roblox are below the age group of 18. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep any harmful and inappropriate content out of their reach. Thus, over 400 moderators employed by Roblox work actively to keep the platform safe for its millions of users.

Feel Secure!

Moderators are a vital element of any website. The same is true for Roblox. The team of over 400 moderators in Roblox works rigorously to keep the platform safe. This is due to this unprecedented commitment to optimal user experience. Roblox has survived for over a decade now and is still prospering.


How many moderators are there in Roblox?

Roblox employs over 400 moderators to keep the platform safe and appropriate for all its users.

What do moderators do?

Moderators review reports from users and the AI system, look for any violations of terms and conditions and take action against offenders. They also decide which games are appropriate to be published on Roblox. Additionally, they monitor in-game messages, purchases, and other activities.

What is the age limit of Roblox users?

The majority of Roblox users are below 18 years old. This means that it is very important to keep any inappropriate or dangerous content away from them. Thus, Roblox relies heavily on its team of moderators to ensure the safety of its users.

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