How to Play Roblox Unblocked On (INSTANTLY)

When it comes to popular online games, few have the staying power of Roblox. As of 2022, the game has been played more than 50 million times each month, and it doesn’t look like its popularity is going anywhere soon. 

Roblox requires an Internet connection to play, just like any multiplayer game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it at work or school. Don’t get upset if your computer restricts access to Roblox.

If you are looking to play Roblox without being blocked by your school, unblocked games, or any other restrictions, then you have come to the right place! 

In this article, I will be providing you with several ways how to play Roblox on with no blockages whatsoever! 

Let’s get started!

Best Ways to Play Roblox Unblocked on

I have compiled the best ways how to play Roblox unblocked on 

  • One way is by installing a VPN service, which will help you get around any blocks and restrictions put in place by your network administrator or school. 
  • Another way is by using a proxy server, which will help provide you with an IP address from another country and allow you to bypass any blocks that may be in place. 
  • You can also try masking your traffic as regular HTTP or HTTPS traffic so it appears as though you are browsing the internet in an ordinary manner, but this is not always a reliable solution. 
  • The most secure option for how to play Roblox unblocked on would be installing Tor Browser Bundle since it helps anonymize your activity, giving you more protection than just a VPN or proxy would provide. 

It should be noted, however, that there are some disadvantages associated with trying to access blocked websites, like how to play Roblox unblocked on when using the Tor browser bundle: such as slow loading times and the fact that you may need extra software installed before downloading the browser.

Play Roblox Unblocked On (Step by Step)

Assuming you have unblocked, here’s how you can play Roblox on the website: 

1. Create an account on To do this, navigate to the site and click on “Play in browser“. Then look for the “Sign Up” button on the screen.

sign up for roblox account

2. Once you have an account, login and click on the “Roblox” icon from the list of games on the left sidebar.

login roblox

3. This will take you to the Roblox page on Here, you will find a list of all the available Roblox games.

roblox games

4. Click on any game that you want to play, and it will start loading in your browser window.

5. Once the game is loaded, you can start playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unblock Roblox on a school Chromebook?

Get the NordVPN app by opening the Google Play Store on your Android device and searching for it. Open NordVPN on your Chromebook and sign in with your existing NordVPN credentials. Simply build a secure and encrypted connection by clicking the QUICK CONNECT button. To begin playing, you will need to first download and install Roblox onto your Chromebook.

How Can I Play Blocked Games at School Without VPN?

There are several websites available, such as Bitly, TinyURL, and, that allow users to shorten the URL at no cost. Simply cut and paste the URL of the website you wish to allow access to into the box given on those sites once you have copied it. It will provide you with a shortened form of the URL, and you may use this address to access the content that was before restricted.

How Do You Play On Forever?

Choose “Account” from the menu of settings on your device.
To link your accounts, choose “Link” from the Account Settings menu.
After you have successfully signed in, the progress you have made inside the game will be immediately stored in your Google account.

Which VPN is best for Roblox?

Atlas VPN

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