Fix Roblox Errors on MacBook macOS [Working Fixes]

We’re all familiar with the error message Not responding on Roblox, which pops up whenever an app doesn’t respond to user input.

These errors include the Roblox launcher has stopped working and Roblox has encountered an error, to name a few. These issues are not just annoying but also interrupt your gameplay experience by popping up every now and then, which could make the Roblox game virtually unplayable on the macOS or MacBook platform. 

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this Not responding message so that you don’t have to close and restart your computer or the Roblox app every time you get it.

So, let’s get started by getting the latest Roblox download.

Check out this article to learn how to fix the most common Roblox errors on MacBook macOS!

Why Do You Get Roblox Errors Regularly?

Get Roblox Errors Regularly

There are a few common mistakes that people make while playing Roblox on Macbooks macOS. 

  • Not knowing which version of Roblox to download. There are two different versions of Roblox for MacOS, and you need to make sure you download the correct one. 
  • Not having the right system requirements. MacOS 10.12 or higher is required to run Roblox, and your computer must have at least 2 GB of RAM. 
  • Not installing the correct dependencies. You need to install both Xcode and Homebrew before you can install Roblox on your Mac. 
  • Not using the correct installation method. You should use the Homebrew method to install Roblox on your Mac, as it is the easiest and most reliable way. 
  • Not updating Roblox regularly. It is important to keep Roblox up-to-date so that you can enjoy the latest features and fixes.

How to Fix Roblox Errors on MacBook macOS?

Try restarting your MacBook before starting the Roblox game. If this doesn’t work for you, make sure your internet connection is functioning correctly by checking it.

You can also attempt to turn off the antivirus software running on your computer since it could be preventing access to certain Roblox features.

Moreover, make sure you have the latest driver for your Mac.

Your browser’s cache may be the cause, so try clearing it or reinstalling the Roblox app.

After the reinstallation process is finished, try starting the game again to check whether the issue has been fixed.

Roblox Common Errors and Solutions

Roblox Common Errors and Solutions

There are a few errors that users may face while playing Roblox on their MacBook macOS. While some mistakes are simple to correct, others could take a little more effort.

Below, we’ve detailed some of the most common errors and their solutions.

Error Code 403

Error Code 403 in Roblox is caused by a faulty request or network error on your macOS or MacBook devices. In most cases, this issue appears when you try to upload a file to your Roblox server.

Error Code 610

This error is produced by an outdated Flash Player version. Simply upgrade Flash Player to the most recent version to resolve this issue.

Error Code 522

This error is due to an issue with your internet connection. Verify that your connection is steady to resolve this issue.

Error Code 103

Roblox Error Code 103

If you get Error Code 103 in Roblox, it’s probably because of the profile’s privacy settings, so make sure the profile is not set up for a kid, teen, or adult. To remove limitations from your Roblox account, Go to > Sign in > Account info > Security > Disable account restrictions.

Error Code 1001

This error is caused by an issue with your sound card. To fix this, update your sound card drivers to the latest version.

Error Code 1002

This error is caused by an issue with your webcam. To fix this, update your webcam drivers to the latest version.

Other Roblox Error Codes With Reason and Fixes

Error Description Fix/Reason for Error
503 The request could not be satisfied. Occurs during a Roblox outage or downtime. Does not involve website maintenance.
504 This page isn’t working: took too long to respond.” (Chrome) Web-host timeout. Most likely caused by Roblox maintenance/downtime. Or, user experiencing faulty internet connection.
Access Denied 403 – You don’t have permission to view this page. User attempted to view a restricted page.
An error occurred, please try again. Error Invalid IP or attempting to load on some VPNs.
Avatar Page Error The avatar page is temporarily unavailable. Avatar page is unavailable because of technical difficulties.
Bad Request 400 | There was a problem with your request. Occurs when web request made by device is incorrect.
Down For Maintenance We’re making things more awesome. Be back soon. This site is currently offline for maintenance and upgrades. Please check back soon! Our payment system is currently under maintenance. Please check back shortly! Closed maintenance or Roblox admins are fixing something on the site.
Game Pass Loading Error Failed to load Game Passes. Please try again later. Caused due to Roblox issues or user is experiencing faulty internet connection.
Internal Server Error 500 | An unexpected error occurred Internal error on server. Contact customer service at [email protected] if issue persists.
Item Owned Item Owned: You already own this item. User attempted to purchase an item they already own.
Library Error Library temporarily unavailable, please try again later. User entered an invalid Category # in the URL bar.
Maximum Friends Error Unable to process request. That user currently has the max number of Friends allowed. The user you are attempting to friend has reached max limit of friends allowed on account.
Page cannot be found or no longer exists 404 | Page Not found URL was typed incorrectly or user attempted to reach a profile with a terminated account.
Registration error Sorry, an error occured. Issues occurred on Roblox’s end or user experiencing faulty internet connection.
Something went wrong Error | An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Error number in the error page URL was changed to a non-existent number.
Too Many Redirects The page isn’t redirecting properly (Firefox) This page isn’t working; redirected you too many times (Chrome) Occurs on accounts with a poison ban.
Unable to join Unable to join: You cannot join this VIP server because this game is private User attempted to join a VIP server on a private/under review game.
Updating Avatar Error Items you don’t own in this outfit: (X) User attempted to wear a limited hat that has traded or sold. User is wearing a previously deleted item.
Client Crash An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit. We’re sorry! Possible causes: ran out of memory, high ping, extreme lag, connecting to a game while using a known exploit.
Connection Fail Failed to download or apply critical settings, please check your internet connection. Error info: (error info) User lost internet or DNS resolution failed while connecting to Roblox.
Error starting game An error occurred trying to launch the game. Please try again later Mobile version (Android): “Sorry! The game failed to start for an unexpected reason. User experiencing faulty internet connection or Roblox undergoing maintenance. Player may also have attempted to join a game while their account was disabled.
HttpSend RequestFailed An error occured while starting roblox.’Details: HttpSendRequest Failed. Error: A connection with the server could not be established. Roblox having trouble communicating certain bits of information to servers.
Loading Error 0x1 (Intentional) (Unused) Roblox cannot startup. User code = 0x1 User violated Roblox terms of service.
Purchase Error #1: This item is not currently for sale. Your account has not been charged. #2: Your purchase failed because your account does not have enough Robux. Your account has not been charged. #3: Your purchase of [name of item] failed because something went wrong. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later. #1: User attempted to purchase an offsale item. #2: User did not have enough Robux. #3: Something went wrong during purchase. Try again later.
6 An error occurred while starting Roblox; Details: … Error Code: 6 Launcher timed out while downloading a new Roblox version or launching a game. Most likely occurred due to faulty internet connection or anti-virus detections.
256/274 Developer has shut down all game servers or game server has shut down for other reasons, please reconnect (Error Code: 256) The game’s developer has temporarily shut down the server. Please try again. (Error Code: 274) Occurs when a developer manually closed a game server, a VIP server owner shut down the VIP server, or when a player is banned while in-game.
260 There was a problem receiving data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 260) No data being received by Roblox web servers.
261 Error while receiving data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 261 There was a problem streaming data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 261) Occurred due to faulty internet connect, Roblox downtime, or other unknown issues.
262 There was a problem sending data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 262) Game could not load after data failed to send.
264 The same account launched the game from a different device. Reconnect if you prefer to use this device. (Error Code: 264) You are already playing a game. Please shut down the other game and try again. (Error Code: 264) Occurs when a second client starts on the same account. Meaning, an unknown user might be signed onto user’s account. Account might be compromised.
266 Your connection timed out. Check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 266) User’s connection lagged or was AFK for a long time.
267 You were kicked from this game: [Reason] (Error Code: 267) You have been kicked from the game (Error Code: 267) User was kicked from a game session using a script. Most likely occurred due to a script inserted by game developer.
268 You have been kicked by the server. Please close and rejoin another game (Error Code: 268) You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior. (Error Code: 268) Occurs due to general connection issues, user employed exploits, or user experiencing lag. Can also occur due to compatibility issues depending on the operating system.
271 #1: Server was shut down due to no active players. (Error Code: 271) #2: You have been kicked by the server, please reconnect. (Error Code: 271) #3: Unable to find instance #1: All players in server were inactive at the same time. #2: Player joined server while server was attempting to shut down. #3: Old version of inactive players issue.
272 Disconnected due to the Security Key Mismatch (Error Code: 272) Lost connection due to an error. (Error Code: 272) Can occur due to user exploiting in games.
273 Disconnected from the game, possibly due to the game joined from another device (Error Code: 273) The same account launched the game from a different device. Reconnect if you prefer to use this device. (Error Code: 273) Same as error 264, except user also joined a game while banned or warned.
275 Roblox has shut down the server for maintenance. Please try again. (Error Code: 275) Roblox has shut down this game server for maintenance (Error Code: 275) Roblox closed due to maintenance or game was deleted while user was playing.
277 Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (Error Code: 277) Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 277) May occur due to these issues: User’s IP address changed, user turned off WiFi, user experienced additional general internet issues
278 You were disconnected for being idle 20 minutes (Error Code: 278) Player was AFK for more than 20 minutes while in a game.
279 #1: Failed to connect to the Game. (ID = 17: Connection attempt failed.) (Error Code: 279) #2: Failed to connect to the Game. (ID = 146: Illegal teleport destination.) #3: Failed to connect to the game. (ID = 148: Roblox version is out of date. Please uninstall and try again.) #1: Client unable to connect to game server, Roblox is down, or additional issues. #2: Client attempted to teleport to an inactive place in game world. #3: Launcher or client must be updated or re-installed.
280 Your version of Roblox may be out of date. Please update Roblox and try again. (Error Code: 280) Client needs updating. Check PC’s date and time are correct if issue persists.
517 This game is currently unavailable. Please try again later. (Error Code: 517) This game has ended. (Error Code: 517) Client attempted to join a server while server was closing. May also occur if Roblox was uninstalled while user was in-game.
522 Followed user has left the game (Error Code: 522) “The user you attempted to join has left the game (Error Code: 522) User attempted to join a player’s game after the player they are joining has left.
523 The status of the game has changed and you no longer have access. Please try again later. (Error Code: 523) This game is restricted. (Error Code: 523) Server has shut down.
524 Not authorized to join this game. (Error Code: 524) “You do not have permission to join this game. (Error Code: 524) Occurs during Roblox downtime, attempted to join a blocked VIP server, or attempted to join as a Guest.
529 An Http error has occurred. Please close the client and try again. (Error Code: 529) We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. (Error Code: 529) Occurs when Roblox servers are down or slow.
769 Teleport Failed: Unknown exception. (Error Code: 769) Teleport failed due to an unexpected error. (Error Code: 769) In-game teleportation failed for various reasons. Also occurs if reconnecting to game failed.
770 #1: Game’s root place is not active. (Error Code: 770) #2: Attempted to teleport to a place that does not exist. (Error Code: 770) #3: Teleport Failed. Unknown error. (Error Code: 770) #1: Player attempted to join an inactive part of game. #2: Player attempted to teleport to an inactive or deleted section of game. #3: Common in games that use teleport.
771 Teleport failed, the server is no longer available. (Error Code: 771) Player attempted to teleport to an inactive or deleted section of game.
772 Teleport failed, the server is full. (Error Code: 772) Player attempted to teleport to a full game server.
773 Teleport Failed: This game has not been approved, yet. (Error Code: 773) Teleport Failed: Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted. (Error Code: 773) Player attempted to teleport to a non-approved game, or a game where player was not permitted to join.

My Personal Experience Fixing Them

There are a few times I have had issues with Roblox on my MacBook. The first occasion was when I attempted to play a plugin-required game. I was unable to make the plugin function; therefore, I was forced to exit the game.

The second occasion occurred when I attempted to join a friend’s game and was informed that the servers were down. I needed to restart my computer and retry. The third time, I was in the midst of a game when it unexpectedly froze. I had to forcibly stop the game and restart my computer when it crashed.

Overall, I haven’t had too many problems with Roblox on my MacBook, but there have been a few occasions where it hasn’t worked properly.

Do you know You can also Play Roblox On a School Chromebook?

Tips and Tricks While Playing Roblox On Macbook macOS

Roblox is a platform where people can create and play games, as well as interact with other people. It is an excellent place for individuals of all ages to express their creativity and have fun. Roblox is accessible on several platforms, such as macOS and MacBook. 

Here are some Roblox playing tips and tactics for macOS and MacBook:

  • Check that you’ve entered the right email address and password if you’re having trouble logging in. You may also attempt to reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page.
  • Check Roblox’s system requirements to see whether your machine is capable of running the game. Visit their website to find out all you need to get started with Roblox.
  • Consider closing any programs that are running in the background if you’re having slowness or performance issues. Alternatively, you might try restarting your device.
  • If your computer is experiencing trouble playing sounds or displaying images, make sure the relevant drivers are installed and up to date. These revisions are often available from the maker of your computer’s system or operating system.
  • Using the “Record” button on the Roblox player, you may capture screenshots or record videos of your games. This will store video of your gaming on your computer.
  • Roblox’s “Robux” money can be used to purchase game passes, avatar apparel, and other stuff. You may earn Robux by playing games, completing surveys, and seeing advertisements. Robux may also be purchased with actual money.
  • If you like to communicate with other players while playing, you can join a chat room. To do this, pick a room from the “Chat” tab of the Roblox player.
  • You may invite your pals to a private server if you wish to play a game with them. To do this, choose “Create Private Server” from the “Servers” menu of the Roblox client.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a specific game or item, you can use the “Search” function in the Roblox player. Choose the “Search” menu and then type in your query to do this.
  • If you follow @Roblox on Twitter, you won’t miss a thing in terms of Roblox updates.

These are just a few suggestions for enhancing your Roblox experience on a Mac or MacBook. Visit Roblox’s website or get in touch with customer care if you need any more assistance.


If you’re a Mac user, you may have encountered some errors while trying to play Roblox. Fortunately, you can easily rectify these problems by following a few simple procedures.

The first step is to check whether Roblox can run on your Mac. You can’t go into the game if it doesn’t work.

After making sure your Mac is compatible with Roblox, try the following fixes:

  • Turn off your computer for a while and then attempt to open Roblox again.
  • Bring your OS up to date.
  • Update your graphics driver.
  • Re-install Roblox.

Get in touch with Roblox’s support team if you’re still experiencing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Roblox Not Working On My Mac?

Some potential causes for Roblox not running on your Mac are as follows:

There’s a chance that Roblox’s system requirements are higher than what your Mac can handle.

The second reason is that you may not have the most up-to-date version of the Roblox app installed on your Mac. The third reason is that your Mac’s security settings may be preventing the Roblox app from running.

If you’re unsure whether or not your Mac meets the minimum system requirements to run Roblox, you can check the System Requirements page on the Roblox website. 

How Do I Update Roblox On My Macbook?

Launch the Mac App Store to check for the latest version of Roblox. Choose the tab labeled “Updates” from the menu bar. Click the Update button next to Roblox after you’ve located it in the list of available updates. Launch Roblox after the update has completed downloading, and you’ll be ready to play right immediately!

How Do I Empty My Mac Cache?

A number of approaches exist for doing this. One is to simply delete the cache files manually. This can be done by going to the Finder, selecting “Go to Folder” from the Go menu, and then typing in “~/Library/Caches.” This will take you to the folder where all of your cached files are stored. From here, you can select all of the files and delete them.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party app like OnyX to clear your Mac’s cache. OnyX is a free utility that can be used to perform various maintenance tasks on your Mac, including clearing the cache. 

To use OnyX to clear your cache, simply launch the program and click on the “Maintenance” tab. Then, click on the “Clear system caches” button, and OnyX will do the rest.

How Do You Clear Your Roblox Cache?

Clearing your cache is simple if you are using the most recent version of Roblox. Logging out of any account you are presently signed into should be your first step. The next step is to remove the aforementioned files and folders:

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions – Delete everything in this folder.
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Roblox – Delete the “VersionManifest.xml” file.
C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Roblox – Delete the “PlayerPrefs.xml” file.

Once you’ve deleted all of these files, restart your computer and log back into Roblox. Your cache should now be cleared!

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