Fix “An Unidentified Error Occurred PS5” (Easy Process)

PS5 is a dream come true for gamers around the world. By March of 2022, the average user had dedicated approximately 50 hours per month to gaming on their PlayStation 5. What makes PS5  stand out of the crowd are its immense power, highly advanced graphics, and gaming technology. But is that all a gaming console requires? Opps not!

Unfortunately, sometimes we are faced with issues that are not always clearly stated enough for people to overcome them. This can be extremely frustrating when trying to enjoy your PS5 experience.

“An unidentified error occurred PS5” purchase error can occur when the PlayStation Network (PSN) server status is down.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having an unidentified error occur on your PS5, then this guide is here to help you.

Key Takeaway

  • Troubleshoot PlayStation Network errors by resetting network settings, restoring licenses, and checking server connections.
  • Purchase games using gift cards or the official app.
  • Contact Sony Support for blocked games or regional errors.
  • Try out different methods to find a solution to the issue.

Steps to Fix An Unidentified Error Occurred In PS5

As I said, since we are not clear on the issue, we’ll go through all possible methods to overcome the problem. Some might get their issue solved after the first method, while others might not. Still, don’t lose hope. 

Follow through with the process, and you’ll find a solution to the error. Several reasons might cause PS5 to indicate such an error. The error might be due to problems with payment, network issues, or region of location.

1. Payment Method

Starting with the payment method is the most important consideration for all of us. Since there might be an error in the payment details or type of payment, when you register, you must enter your account information as well as the PS region. 

If not, then you have to change your account or the region of the PS. If you use another card, you must update the card’s details in PS. Let’s go through the steps to update the information in the PS.

  1. In the “Settings” menu, select “Users and accounts.”
  2. Select “Payment and subscriptions” from “Account.”
  3. Now you have to select the type of card from the “Payment methods” menu.
  4. The PS will ask about the details of the card.
  5. Finally, you have to scan the QR code and fill in the account details.
  6. The system might sometimes ask for a password as well.
  7. After going through the entire process, you can check in to see if there is still an issue. 

If you need to update the information on your payment card, you must do so as well. If you are not able to update, then you have to update through your browser.

  1. You have to open the Sony website and log in using your sign-in details.
  2. Once you sign in, select your avatar and choose “Payment management.”
  3. From there, select “Add payment method.”
  4. Select the type of card and enter the details of your card.
  5. If there are any unused payments made previously, delete or remove them.
  6. Now you can set up your new payment method as your primary payment gateway.
  7. If you still have the error message, I suggest you also try other methods.

2. Purchasing The Game Again

This might be as simple as it sounds. Here, all you have to do is purchase the game again if there is an error page. You have to let it rest for a minute and check again.

3. Spamming The ‘close’ Button

There might be other problems that are causing the issue. Well, the issue might be in the purchase, too; who knows? We’ll try all methods to get it over with. The purchase might be simple, but this one also has good results. 

All you have to do is press the “close” button. You can try this method when an error occurs on the dual-sense controller. After doing this, try again; if it still appears the same, there might be another issue. You can wait and check if it works or try restarting after following this technique.

4. Funds in your PSN account

Only by thoroughly searching every nook and cranny can we find a solution. So, it might be better to check the balance of your payment card as well. Sometimes the error might have been due to a payment card with an insignificant or nil balance. 

If you find that your card has such an issue, you can fix it by adding funds to it or changing the card. If you want to add money to your card, follow this procedure: 

  1. You have to open your settings and select “Users and accounts.”
  2. After selecting the option, select “Account,” and from there, you have to choose an option named “Payment and Subscriptions.”
  3. Now select the “Payment methods” option and “Add funds.”
  4. From there, you have to choose an account and go through the transfer process.
  5. After all the steps, you have to finally enter the amount and proceed by selecting “Yes.”

5. Reboot The Ps5 Console

This might look silly, but there still might be a better result. It is similar to our automobile. Even though they are mechanical instruments, they require a break if used for an extended period of time. 

The first thing we do in our automobile after it slows down or goes into standby mode is reboot it. The same goes for the PS5. All you have to do is restart it or let it rest for a short period of time before continuously using it for a longer run.

6. Re-Add The Credit Card

If you still face this issue even after trying the above methods, you might also try this one. Here you have to remove your payment card by removing or deleting the card details and re-entering the details of the card. Sometimes reading your card can also solve the issue.

7. PSN Region

Now, this is a common method where we all might have mistakenly filled in the wrong details. It is better to ensure you have given the correct region details. Sometimes, you may have mistakenly selected another location when your true location is elsewhere. You have to ensure that the payment card region and your PS account region match. 

The server checks the location of the user when they are to proceed with payment. So, you can keep your region the same as your PS account or change your PS account region. After that, double-check that the payment process is operational. If the error notification still pops up, then you have to try other methods.

8. Change Of Mail

Though it isn’t logical, we might try it as well. There is a chance your mail might have been used less frequently or with less security. The only solution to such an issue is to create or change a new account.

9. Cart And Spam

You can also try emptying your shopping cart. Sometimes the items you have added to your cart might delay your purchase. So, you can try this one. It might not work on the first try, but sometimes it works out after a few tries. So, you can go through this one.

10. Restore The License

Restoring your license might be of better help, as it closes the games that are running in the background and restores the certificates by downloading them again. Here comes the process for restoring the license.

  1. In “Settings,” open “Users and Settings.”
  2. Inside this option, you have to select “Other” and choose “Restore license.”
  3. Finally, you can select the “Restore” button to begin the process.

11. Playstation Network

The issue might be with the system too. If it still persists, check your server connection. The server might have been too slow or might have been faced with network traffic with too many users online. If your server is unavailable, you must check the server using your browser.

  1. Open a web browser and paste the URL link to the Play Station page.
  2. After pasting the URL link, select your country.
  3. Once you select your country, you have to open the “Core Services.”

If there is no server error, then you have to go through the last few methods. There is also information available on “Down Detector,” where you can check for outage errors and downtime problems.

12. Purchasing With A Gift Card

Well, this method might not fix the error, but here we are, just skipping the whole process and following the gift card purchase. They are similar to gift cards you buy on other apps. 

By using this method, you don’t have to go through the payment method and purchase the games using the gift card. Well, let me help you purchase gift cards.

  1. In the “PS code,” choose “More options.”
  2. Inside this option, you have to select an option named “Redeem code.”
  3. Now you have to enter the code in your gift card and select “Redeem.”

The amount will be credited to your wallet, and you can try purchasing from there.

13. Purchasing in the PS app

You might be wondering what’s up with purchasing in the app. Then let me tell you that there are better features in the official app. You can buy the games using the official app, which has more features and overcomes network issues. 

The process is easier, and you can purchase here by adding your payment details. If you are struggling with purchasing, feel free to follow the guide.

  1. You have to download the app from the Play Station app or the Play Store.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, find a game you want to play.
  3. Once you find the game, add it to the cart.
  4. After adding it to the cart, you can find the payment process on the next page, where you have to fill in the details.
  5. Once you go through the payment process, choose the option “Download to console.”

14. Contact Sony support

Last but not least, this is the final straw if your error page still persists. Let’s reach Sony. At the very least, you might get some answers to your questions. Sometimes, they might block, which literally prevents the user from purchasing. 

Apart from this, there is also a chance the game you are trying to buy might have been blocked regionally. So, a talk with Sony might help you with your problem. You can reach Sony by communicating through PSN support.

Few Words For You

Well, it is a long process to go through each and every one, but in the end, there might be a better result. We all don’t face the issue for the same reason. So, the solutions might also differ. The more you try, the closer you will get to your solution. 

So, friends, don’t lose hope and try all methods; I am sure there is a solution to your problem you can find through one of these methods.


How do I resolve an error page on the PlayStation Network?

You can try resetting your network settings, restoring a license, checking server connection, purchasing with a gift card, purchasing in the PS app, or contacting Sony Support for more help.

What should I do if my server is unavailable?

You can open a web browser and paste the URL link to the Play Station page. Select your country and open “Core Services”. Additionally, you can check for outage errors and downtime problems on “Down Detector”.

How do I purchase a game through the PlayStation app? 

You have to download the app from the Play Station app or the Play Store. Once you find the game, add it to the cart and fill in your payment details. Finally, select “Download to console” to purchase the game through the PlayStation app.

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