How to Fix Roblox Error Code 268 [Kicked Out Of Server]

As someone who loves playing Roblox, I was used to rarely encountering any issues. That all changed one day when I got an error code that I had never seen before — Roblox error code 268. I was playing my favorite game, Jailbreak, and suddenly the screen displayed a message saying, “You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior. (Error Code: 268)”. 

I was so deeply submerged in the game that I panicked. I searched for answers on the official Roblox website, in various online forums, and asked around my friends who also play Roblox. Here’s what I learned about error code 268 and how to fix it.

Key Takeaways 

  • Multiple factors give rise to Error Code 268–cheat engine, Third-party software, server, etc.
  • Focusing on the causes, there are 6 solution steps you can try to resolve the issue. 

Causes of Error Code 268 on Roblox

Error Code 268

We have been trying out so many things with our PC– I did a lot! The error might have occurred due to things tried by us. There is also a chance that the cause is something beyond our choices- Server and faulty internet. Let’s figure out the most probable cause of error code 268.

1. Interference by cheat engine/exploit software: 

One of the most severe reasons for “Error Code 268” on Roblox is the use of cheat engines or exploit software for hacking. Roblox continuously updates the game to be free from the interference of such cheat engines and exploit software. So, your game can be blocked after such updates, and you will face the “Error Code 268” issue.

2. Third-party interference: 

If you are using third-party software like an Antivirus and a VPN, you might face the “Error Code 268” issue. This third-party software may mistakenly identify the game as malware which makes them block the connection between the game and its server. This leads to “Error Code 268”.

3. Corrupted files of the game: 

The integrity of files related to Roblox may be comprised in your PC or Xbox one. This may cause the “Error Code 268” issue. In this case, the most viable way is to reinstall the game to remove the corrupted files.

4. Personal Settings in internet options: 

If you are using Internet Explorer to play the game, internet explorer stores game data in your device as a cache. This cached data might get corrupted, leading to ‘Error Code 268’.

5. Server issue:

You may also face the “Error Code 268” issue on Roblox if the game servers are down due to maintenance or outage issues. In this scenario, there is no problem associated with your game or devices, so the best option is to wait for the servers to start functioning again.

All The Possible Solutions For Error Code 268 

I have often seen that there are multiple solutions to one question, and not all solutions work for you. You need to try all the below-mentioned steps and figure out the best one for yourself. If you face “Error Code 268” while playing Roblox, don’t worry! You can easily fix this issue with the following solutions.

1. Uninstalling Cheat engines/exploit software

Uninstalling Cheat engines

The developers of Roblox continuously update and include patches in the game to be free of cheat engines and exploit software. So, if you use any cheat engine or exploit software, you might face the “Error Code 268” issue on Roblox. However, to solve it, follow these steps:


  1. To display the Run dialogue box, press “Windows+R.”
  2. Enter “appwiz.cpl” to go to “Programs and Features.”
  3. Search the cheat engine or exploit software, and right-click on it to access the uninstall option.
  4. Once you are done uninstalling, relaunch your Roblox game to play the game.

2. Deactivate Antivirus software

Deactivate Antivirus software

Antivirus like Kaspersky, Avast, etc. may misidentify Roblox as a harmful app and, thus, block the device’s connection with the Roblox servers. This causes the “Error Code 268” issue.

The solution to this issue is very simple and swift. All you need to do is disable all-time protection and firewall and network protection. The steps are as follows:


  1. Click on the Antivirus icon from the system tray menu and disable it.
  2. To launch the “Run dialogue box,” press “Windows+R” and search windows defender.
  3. In windows defender, select the “Virus & threat protection” option.
  4. Go to “Manage settings” and click on the “Firewall & network protection” option.
  5. Disable it, and restart your device to run the game.

3. Resolve the DNS cache problem

Flush DNS

DNS cache refers to the static stored data on your device. The data consists of files related to Roblox, which may get corrupted, leading to an error issue. So, it is important to change certain settings to resolve the issue. To resolve the “Error Code 268” problem, adhere to the following procedures.


  1. Right-click on Command Prompt and choose the “Run as administrator” option.
  2. Enter “ipconfig/ flushdns.”
  3. Also enter “netsh winsock”.
  4. Then pick Network and Sharing Center from the Control panel.
  5. Go to Change Adapter Settings and double tap on Internet Protocol Version 4 
  6. Type “” and “” in the first and second boxes, respectively.
  7. Press “Ok,” and restart your computer to play the game.

4. Delete Personal Settings from internet options

Reset Internet Explorer settings

If you play Roblox on internet explorer, then you might face the “Error Code 6” issue due to hampered cache data. You must remove the cache data stored in the internet explorer of your device to resolve the problem. To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Press “Windows+R” to open the “Run” panel box and type “inetcpl.cpl” to open the net options tab.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab. Select the push button in the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” option.
  3. Click on the box next to the “Delete personal settings” option.
  4. Restart your device, and start Roblox again to resolve the issue.

5. Use the UWP Roblox App

UWP Roblox App

If, after doing all these steps, the game still doesn’t load, you can use the Roblox UWP ( Universal Windows Platform) app to tackle the issue. The program may be downloaded by looking it up in the Chrome browser. Get the app, and play it after logging into your account. If you are able to launch any mode in the game, the issue is most certainly resolved.

6. Reinstall Roblox

Reinstall Roblox

If none of the above steps works, you can always reinstall Roblox to solve the issue. I often do it, and it works for me.

To uninstall the game from your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the control panel and right-click on the Roblox game icon.
  2. Select “Uninstall” to uninstall the game from your device.

To uninstall the game from Xbox one, follow these steps. 

  1. Open the guide menu.
  2. Select the “Games and Apps” option and scroll it to find the Roblox installation tab.
  3. Press start on your controller to open the context menu. 
  4. Select manage game in the context menu.
  5. Select “Uninstall all” to uninstall the game.

After uninstalling the game, try to log into the game through the chrome browser to see if the issue persists. Once your game loads on the chrome browser, reinstall it to play it without any drawbacks.


Should I Uninstall Roblox Immediately After Facing The Error Code 268? 

No, of course. The initial action you should take is to try starting the game again. If you are facing the same error again, uninstall cheat engines if you have any. Keep the uninstalling of the application be your last option. 

Is Error Code 268 A Serious Problem?

Error Code 268 is not a severe problem. Roblox users usually face it, and the error can easily be fixed by following the above-given steps. 

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